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One Year Shopping Ban Results...

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I banned myself to shop for ONE year, and here are the top THREE things I’ve learned from the experience.

Before that, you may ask, “Ban shopping, WHY GIRL???”

I know, right? I almost didn’t quite believe myself as well when I decided to do so. But I couldn’t just turn my back to my fellow humans and mother earth after all that I’ve learned about sweatshops and how fashion affected the environment.

Changes are hard to do, but it is only hard when you don’t even try. And with every new thing to do, we always should start with ourselves… and that I did.

Hence, I found myself pledging to well… myself, to ban shopping for a year. By “shopping”, I meant makeup, skincare, clothes, and all the unnecessary things we only do out of habit and “wants”.



Yes, ladies, it is possible. You heard me right. Some of you may not even relate at all to this article because you don’t love shopping that much anyway. But for the rest of us who LOVE SHOPPING, and use it as “therapy”. Had a bad day at work? No problem, I’ll just buy that new lipstick that Mac just released. (Mac is not vegan btw) But you get the idea.

You would be amazed at how amazing the mind works. Once you set your mind on something, set some goals, next thing you know, you’re in it! Which leads me to number two.



“One step at a time, there’s no need to rush…” Sorry. That song just automatically plays in my head whenever I say “one step at a time”. For reals though, ONE STEP AT A TIME. THERE’S NO NEED TO RUSH.

How do I just STOP SHOPPING, girl? My answer? How did you even start getting addicted to shopping? Habits are formed, and habits can be replaced. How? ONE STEP AT A TIME. That’s how I did it. I see a new ad of my favorite makeup brand? (YES, I was a makeup junkie) I talk myself out of it. It may have taken an hour for the first few weeks. You know when you keep opening that Sephora website, lol.



Last but not least, stay away from temptation ladies! At least for the first few months. Don’t open that shopping website, don’t go to the shopping area of the mall, unsubscribe to those store emails. Give yourself a favor, and just don’t. Sure, it’s hard in the beginning, but later on, you won’t even think of it.

Okay, now that I’ve given you tips on how to BAN SHOPPING. I find it will be helpful to give you some BENEFITS, right?



Yep. Pretty straightforward. You don’t shop, you don’t spend money. Then, you can save that money for travel or studies or other smarter investments!



True story alert. I saw this IG post of a girl wearing this black cami with colorful kimono, black ripped jeans, and brown boots. Cute, right? Then, I thought “ooh, maybe I can buy from…”, then I stopped myself as I realized, “wait! I have a black cami and brown boots… I can recreate it!” You literally shop from your own closet!



Seriously though, the most benefit here is freedom from consumerism! Literally, after a year of not shopping, I am literally not easily swayed by marketing craps from different products. I buy only what I need, without having that “need” to buy this or that, because this celebrity recommends it or not.

I have become more resilient in my pursuit of buying only what is necessary and beneficial and shifted those efforts to finding “more ethical sources”, that benefit other people.

What about you? What sort of challenges and goals have you subjected yourself to, to become a better human? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


About the Blogger:

Jenna Christy is a passionate online educator and blogger on all things faith, beauty, sustainability, and social justice. She recently released her online course on Plant-based lifestyle. You can read more of her posts on her blog, and catch her on Instagram and Facebook.